Are you over fifty years old?

    Are you retired, approaching retirement, or looking at being retired in the future?

    Do you travel, plan on traveling, or just wish you could travel?

    When you travel, do you object to being herded like cattle and restricted to a tight, unvarying schedule? Do you sense fake smiles and false camaraderie of some of your tour staff? Do you sometimes fell like a walking dollar bill?

    On tours, do you feel rushed from iconic tourist sight to the next, from the Eiffel Tower to the Arc de Triumphe to the Louvre to the Opera House in a matter of hours? Would you like to slow down, have a coffee and pasty at a local boulangerie? Sit on a park bench and just absorb what is going on around you, the everyday sights of the city or countryside?

    Do you wish you could learn a little more of the culture of the place you are visiting, maybe even meet a local or two?

    Is the high cost of travel preventing you from traveling as much as you like, or even traveling at all?

    If the answers to some of the above questions is YES, then you are in the right place. Follow this blog Explore this website to learn how you can travel more, spend less and enjoy yourself more than you would have thought possible.

    Monday Morning Meanderings
    Geezer Philosophy

    Tuesday’s Tips
    Bits of Travel Advice

    Where To Wednesdays
    Favorite Geezer Destinations

    Travel Safely Thursday
    Stay Safe and Avoid scams and Rip-offs

    Franchise-Free Friday
    Road Trips Without Stopping at Franchises to Eat or Sleep

    Weekend Updates
    Follow Along with the Geezer on One of His Trips


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The new way for seniors (and everyone) to travel